Marti has decades of experience in chartering and in operating all kinds of cargo and all kinds of vessels. We take pride in our relationships and in our extensive network.

From the technical management side of the business, we cover all services that maximize the operational and physical condition of a vessel throughout its working life, keeping the vessel in compliance with industry requirements and in a condition pleasing to our ship owning customers and our customers' customers.

Services include, but are not restricted to, supervision of dry dockings, major repairs, purchasing, vessel inspection and budget control.

Our management system is fully compliant to SOLAS Chapter IX (ISM (CODE) and chapter XI (ISPS Code) and the integrated management system is certified to ISO 9001 - ISO 45001 - ISO 14001 quality management standarts.

Marti also provides comprehensive, in- house crew management services to the international marine industry. All personnel fully comply with STCW ’95 requirements and always have the necessary experience relevant to the type of tonnage to which they are appointed. We provide continuous education and training ashore as well as onboard in agreement with owners to achieve desired levels of competence.

Marti ship managers maintain crew affiliations mainly in Turkey and in Azerbaijan.